Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thank you Miley for the Award!

Thank you Miley for the award! Now on to the 10 things you don't know about us and Noah: 

 1. Noah is Mom's 1st Aussie
 2. At 32 lbs, Noah still thinks he is a lap dog.
 3. Our previous 2 dogs: Pretty Lady Valentine (Cocker Spaniel) 02/14/96 - 08/14/09. 
     Sadie (Chow/Shepherd Mix) 06/93 - 04/15/10. Rest in peace girls.
 4. Noah has no problem with Dad and the mower. But God forbid if Mom is to get out the vacuum 
     sweeper! We are lucky if we can get him out from hiding.
 5. Noah, as well as the rest of us, are Indianapolis Colts fans! (Pictures will be posted when the season  
     kicks off).
 6. Noah must have germs according to our 20 month old Grandson, but the pig eating out of his hand at the
     park zoo must not. 
 7. Only half of Noah's right eye is blue.
 8. Noah was from a litter of 12.
 9. Flower beds are apparently short cuts.
10. Sticks are the worlds best toy.                                    
And now to pass it on to some beautiful dogs and their blogs....................

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Lead By Example

First let me start by saying to those of you that show and compete with your dogs.....I am impressed and in awe. Maybe Noah will be there one day.....we are interested in agility training later on. But tonight Noah made me proud. In his class tonight we had three newcomers, one being a very handsome Australian Cattledog. Our trainer usually uses her 6 month old Husky for all the demonstrations. Well tonight she used Noah as an example several times and had us demonstrate twice. To many that may be a small fete, but to us it was a milestone as well as a pride moment. Just had to share..... :-)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lazy summer day

Just a couple of shots of Noah. We had some extra playtime today, well until someone got tired!
As I post this he is sound asleep by the desk. Guess he can have a low battery!

Friday, August 27, 2010

I got an award and I don't have a speech!!

Thank you Miley for the award....I am honored!

Now I believe I have to tell you 7 things that you don't know. Here goes.......umm

1. I hate Thursdays cause thats trash day and I'm afraid of trashbags. I know it's silly.
2. I hate bananas! : (
3. I haven't conquered getting in and out of the vehicles by myself yet.
4. I behave so much better at puppy class then I do at home.
5. Mom and Dad can't walk thru the house without me trying to herd the way.
6. I love tennis balls....Let the chase begin!
7. Dad makes the best peanut butter treats for me.

Now to pass the award on. I'm sure some of these have received it before but I love following them.

Noah's 1st adventure to PetSmart

Noah took his first trip to PetSmart today. He was amazed at the sights, sounds and SMELLS!! He got to meet several new friends (the 4 legged kind especially). He seemed to conjure up more attention inside and outside of the store than Mickey Mouse at Disney World! He got a new leash, toy and some supplements he needed. He will tell you......"I am not spoiled!".

A hard day of shopping can make you "dog tired"!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Puppy Class With Mom

Today Noah went and worked with just Mom at puppy class today, I had to work. Mom was very pleased with his attention, as was the trainer. He is really starting to progress. Still working on the desire to jump up on you. He doesn't realize that he isn't the itty bitty thing he used to be!
On a side note......JP made is first of 5 parachute jumps today. As he told me tonite..."It was awesome but scary as hell!" He makes 2 Tuesday and 2 more Wednesday then on to the pinning on Friday. What he doesn't know is I will be pinning my wings on him, the very pair I received 20 yrs ago at that very place. Can't wait to see him.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Airborne...........All The Way!

A paratrooper years ago and he didn't know it yet!
Next week is Jump Week!
This post is in honor of JP, Dad and Mom's son. He's in the Indiana National Guard and a R.O.T.C. Cadet as a full time college student at Indiana Wesleyan University and currently at Fort Benning, Ga attending Airborne School. Dad's going down next week for his graduation. We are proud of you JP and miss you.

Like I said......I like the water!

Dad let me go out and play after the storm passed. Talk about wet! We got alot of rain so far this morning. I haven't ran and splashed that much before....that was fun.

Thunder Storms

I realized today how much I really hate thunder storms. It's pretty nasty out today and I don't think Dad will be able to take me for a walk before he goes to work. Hopefully Mom will later. Oh well, guess I will just have to see if Dad will wrestle with me.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Me and my buddy

Took some time out today to enjoy the weather with Gabe.

Australian-Shepherd-Lovers.com - Reader's Aussies 1

The Right Companion: Australian Shepherd

Let me tell you about my swimming buddy.....

Gabe is my owners grandson. When it comes to the bath tub or the swimming pool you will find us together. We both love the water.

The first couple of months so far....

My First Toy
I love to lay in the grass
I am NOT spoiled!!
I'm getting bigger

Life is good!

Noah is on the web!

This is the life of Noah, an Indiana Aussie. I was born 4/13/2010 in Bloomfield, Indiana and now resides with my owners in north-central Indiana. I'm a Blue-Merle Aussie with a fantastic personality. I am currently taking puppy classes to learn the basics and then into obedience classes. I  believe I'm  the head of the class!

I will post earlier pics of me and would love to hear from Aussie owners, especially here in Indiana. Til then..........Let's play!