Monday, November 29, 2010

The Day Became More Of An Adventure Then Planned........

Hello friends! I started my day out with the plan to run a few errands with Dad then off to the Humane Society to drop of your donation. We got the errands ran but the Humane Society office was closed when we got there. We are going tomorrow to the new building cause I know there will be people there getting it ready. Anyway, since that didn't work out, I begged to go to the park. So we did................

Now we all have heard of the birth of Jesus in the manger. And I'm sure that all of you know that at the manger there were cows, sheep, donkeys and even camels. But I bet you didn't know there was also...........
an Aussie!

Finally it was time to go home after being gone a couple of hours. I needed a nap! Well, we pull up to the house and when I get out what do I see? The neighbors pup is at our house! At first he was afraid of me and stayed real close to Dad. I don't know his name so I just call him Casper. Dad says he looks like a Husky and he has a blue right eye like me.  But once I started running around and acting silly, well you will see.............

And being the good role model I am, I started teaching him things he needed to know................

Well I am going to go take my nap now..............finally!
Before I go, you need to go see my friend Silk Pup and watch the funniest puppy video ever! 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Can You Tell I'm Ready For My First Christmas.........

"You said no peeking. You didn't say anything about sniffing!!"

"I want to open this one first."

"We have how many more days til Christmas!!??"

Well regardless of how many more days til Christmas, I have an early Christmas present coming from my friend Bocci. I was 1 of 3 that won his giveaway. I couldn't believe I won! I will post pictures when it arrives so you all can see my excitement. Thanks Bocci and Parental Unit! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Pets And Thanksgiving.......

It's important we remember our pets, past and present, for what they bring to our lives. Many lists detail the benefits of pet ownership. Pets are used for protection, they provide physical and emotional assistance, they help teach responsibility to our children. The main reason people have a pet, surpassing the more functional benefits, tends to focus on the unconditional love that we receive from our furry companions.
Topping the lists of favorite parts of pet ownership include: wagging tails; puppy breath; purring cats; getting woken up by a cold nose saying it's time to go out; the way a dog will chase the same squirrel that he's chased for the last five years with the optimism that this will be the day he will catch him; watching your cat ignore the $150 cat condo you bought and play for hours in the box it came in; the compassion your dog shows as he listens attentively to how you had a bad day; the way your cat chases the dot from the laser pointer, even though he can't ever seem to pick it up; your retriever's willingness to bring back that ball or stick even though he knows you're just going to throw it away again; and don't forget those doggy kisses we love to get while conveniently forgetting that the dog considers the toilet his personal water bowl.
Pets bring us joy and we should thank them! Don't be tempted to share your turkey dinner, but instead use the day off to give your dog an extra long walk or give your cat a kitty massage and brushing. The best way to thank them is with the gift of our time.
                                                            Dr Roger Smith, DVM

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dad Wants To Know.........

First let me say that Dad wants to know this, not me! I say I'm just introspective but he wants to know about each of you. The situation is...........I don't bark. I can I suppose if I chose to but I don't. I will growl a little when I wrestle with Dad. They say they have only heard me bark one time since they brought me home and that was at Dad for something he was doing. So Dad wanted to know if any of you don't bark either. For my friends that are cats, I think I know the answer. But if you are a cat and bark, please chime in!

I want to spotlight a friend of mine that I think is deserving of more friends. Please visit my friend Charlie. You will love him!

Thanks everyone.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Colts Sunday......

Just sitting at home supporting my Colts against them Patriots.

Pee s, two more come thru for me and the total for the Cash for Comments is 52.
Thanks everybody!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Drum Roll Please...............

Cash for Comments was a success! The total was...................
What a great number. I want to thank everyone that commented and helped our local Humane Society.
I want to especially thank those that put a link on their blog, tweeted about it and whatever else you did to get the word out. Lots of licks for Maggie Mae and 24 Paws! Several referenced you when they left a comment. Everyone helped me in the final stretch and I greatly appreciate it. Licks to all!!

I will be delivering it the Monday after Thanksgiving so that Dad can go with me (something about not trusting me with the truck!). I will post pictures of the card and the delivery then. Thank you all again for helping me.

A big shout out to all my new friends I met because of this. I will get around to each of you and get to know you better. After the holidays I'm going to have a give-a-way of my own to show my appreciation to all my followers. So look for it......................

"Not now Dad, I'm blogging!"

I hope the above picture puts to rest any questions about whether I do my own blog or hire it out.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cash For Comments Update......

I want to first say thank you to all of you that have commented on my "Cash for Comments" post. And a special thank you to those who placed a link in their post's. That has really helped and I have met some new friends this way. We are in the home stretch now and I hope to at least double my current count of 29, so any help you can give me to get the word out will be greatly appreciated.  I thank you all for your support and I know they will. Working til the end.....................Noah

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Are They Saying?............

I woke today to find this sign. What are they trying to say!?

I could still use your help to get the word out for my "Cash For Comments" campaign for our local Humane Society "Animal Ophanage and Rescue". I would love to put alot of your names on a card when I deliver it.
Thank you to all that have commented so far.
Link to it is: Cash for Comments

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

God Bless And Care For Target......

FLORENCE, Ariz. — A dog named Target that lived through explosions in war-torn Afghanistan couldn't survive a brief stay at an Arizona animal shelter.
An unidentified employee at the Pinal County facility was placed on administrative leave after euthanizing the female shepherd mix by mistake, county Animal Care and Control officials said Monday.
"When it comes to euthanizing an animal, there are some clear-cut procedures to follow," Ruth Stalter, the county animal control director, said in a statement. "Based on my preliminary investigation, our employee did not follow those procedures."
Sgt. Terry Young, the owner of the dog, told The Arizona Republic, "I just can't believe that something like this would happen to such a good dog."
Target frightened a suicide bomber inside a military base and potentially saved dozens of soldiers' lives, Young said.
He said the dog was treated like royalty from then on at the base at Dand Patan, near the Pakistan border.
Young brought Target to the San Tan Valley area southeast of Phoenix in August, when he returned home from his tour of duty.
The dog escaped from the family's back yard Friday. Young put out online notices and contacted TV stations that did reports on the missing hero dog.
A neighbor found Target wandering later Friday, put her in his back yard and called the pound. The dog did not have a microchip or tag.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cash For Comments.............

Our local Humane Society has a new home! It will be named the Animal Orphanage and Rescue. They were in the same building as our local animal care and control. But in 2009 they parted ways because of differences in how they believed the facility should be run. The biggest difference.......Kill versus No Kill! Since then the Humane Society has had an office with no facility for the housing of the pets. Those in the care of the Humane Society were kept at a local pet store or fostered. But that is in the past come the end of this month. Since Dad has donated money and supplies before and has volunteered his time, if needed, in getting the building ready. How could I help these deserving ones??!! Then I got it.........My blogger friends!

For each comment left on this post I will donate 50 cents in the name of all my blogger friends that helped me! Its that easy to help me to help them. All I ask is to help me get the word out. A reference or link to this post would be great. I will close this post out on Friday and hopefully we will have really helped them!

Thank you all for your support (I hope to say that to you again if I run for office!)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Thank You To All My Friends...............

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you, my friends. This blog started out as just a means to chronicle my life, a journal of sorts. But it has become so much more. I have gotten to know so many different people and masters of their domains (we know who rules the house, don't we guys and gals). Each day I get on here I seem to have a new follower. You all come from different backgrounds and places. Some of you from big houses on the coast and some from small farms in the heartland. It is amazing how we can all come together and share experiences and stories. It doesn't matter that I'm an Aussie (which really rocks) and you are a Poodle or Great Dane or even a cat. We just get along. It is a shame that more people couldn't see things thru our eyes. Each of you I have come to enjoy and some I really admire for what you do. From Brutus and Tytus who work in a hospital, to Riley training as a therapy dog, to Oreo's training videos, to Eva for just being beautiful and Charlie for just being Charlie. I just wanted to thank all of you for being my friend...............................Noah

I received an award from a new friend Olive. Thank you so much Olive. Please stop by and see her and tell her I sent you.

Thanks again to all of you!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Veterans Day Salute..........

I would like to salute all veterans on this day for your service and sacrifice, especially my family......

JP (1990) with matching uniform to Dad's

Abselom - Revolutionary War
Cousins Levi and Simon - Virginia Calvary C.S.A
Uncle Clearence - Army WWII
Uncle Robert - Army WWII (KIA)
Grandpa James - Army WWII
Jim - Army Vietnam (KIA)
Uncle Bobby - Army Vietnam
Uncle Tom - Air Force
Cousin Todd - Army 1st Gulf War
Uncle Kelley - Army
Brother Michael - Army  Bosnia/Afghanistan (Active)
Brother JP - National Guard/R.O.T.C
and of course...........
My dad - Army (1984-1995) 82d Airborne Division

We can not say thank you enough!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An Adventure Of Many Sorts.....

Today was a fun day. First, we stopped in Upland at the old depot.

The bandana worked, people thought I was the conductor!

Then we went to Muncie to Dogs R Us, or as cats know it.....Petsmart.
I had to get supplements for my joints, a new collar and of course a new toy.

Then it was on to Minnetrista. They have a museum, restaurants, gift shops (none of which I'm allowed in), an outside garden and a nature area.

First the garden.....

And we had to look at these places, because they say I need a little culture.....

Then it was off to the nature area. I really enjoyed this because I spent the entire time off leash and I was very good and didn't wonder off.

It was a beautiful day here and alot of fun. I hope your day was just as special!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The New Look.....

Ok, I need some input from my friends. Dad bought this and thinks it looks great on me. I know it's Indiana and we live in corn country, but the farmer look?? What do you think?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Story Of Lexi.....

Dad read me this story today from a nearby city's newspaper and I had to share it with my friends. It is a sad and uplifting story of a man, his dog and his life. I thought it was so good I want to meet Lexi. It is a little long but if you will read it I think you will like it and feel the same as me................Noah.

You can think of Lexi as a lucky dog.
AdTech AdThen again, you can also think of Lexi's master, Chip Hershey, as a lucky person.
"She's a diva," the tall, gray-haired employee of CS Kern Inc. said with a grin one recent evening, as his beloved dog, which is mostly black with white markings and a pale tan muzzle, ran across the lawn of his lakeside home, chasing plastic discs. "When we get in front of a crowd, she jumps a little higher, runs a little faster."
To be sure, watching them together is a joy.
Charging through a smattering of leaves, the Texas heeler -- an energetic mix of Australian collie and border collie -- chases down and catches floating discs that would seem to be impossibly far ahead of her.
When Hershey bends over, she hops onto his back.
As he lies down with his feet apart, she jumps the length of his torso to snag a disc, jumps over his back to pluck another from mid-air as he kneels on the ground, then takes yet another from his mouth as he stands to his full height.
Watching, an observer has to laugh. After nearly nine years together, even Hershey still has to laugh.
"Can you believe," he said, with an admiring look at his dog, "that nobody wanted her?"

Match made in heaven

It was in 2001 that Hershey and his wife, Teresa, were forced to put down a favorite dog of theirs. By the following year they had agreed to adopt an acquaintance's puppy, took it home for a weekend, but were alarmed by how it acted. Rushed to treatment, it died of parvo on the way to the veterinarian's office, a heart-wrenching experience for both of them.
It was the very next day, however, when Hershey opened his copy of The Star Press to the Pet of the Week feature, encountering a picture of an adorable eight-week-old puppy. Visiting ARF the next day, Teresa found a whole litter of such puppies, but the one from the newspaper photograph stood out.
"This one dog just kept coming back to her and back to her," Hershey recalled.
Thus, did Lexi become a member of the family.
From the start, one thing was obvious: Much to Hershey's delight, Lexi's favorite toy was a floppy cloth disc.
"In the back of my mind, I always wanted a Frisbee dog," he admitted, noting he began throwing discs to her every night, at the same time joining the Indy Dog and Disc Club - of which he would eventually become president.

Having won her very first amateur competition, the two were soon traveling as far as Florida to compete, qualifying for the U.S. Disc Dog Nationals in Louisville in 2005 and the even more prestigious Skyhoundz World Championships in Atlanta in 2006.
In effect, she made her mark as a disc dog in those contests. These days, in deference to her advancing years, Hershey has dialed her back to occasional, and far less rigorous, shows for charities, schools etc.
"I'm just out there to play, have fun and show off my dog," he explained.

Some trying times

Eventually, Teresa tired of watching her husband and Lexi have all the fun. The Hersheys acquired two more dogs for her, Bear and Gripper, an Australian shepherd and border collie, and began competing.
It was last December when Teresa began showing symptoms of heart disease, underwent treatment, but nevertheless died in their rural home in March, despite her husband's best efforts at CPR. They had been married 20 years.
Just four months later, returning home from work, Hershey opened the door to his attached garage and was greeted with thick, billowing smoke, the result of a fire caused by a malfunctioning dehumidifier. The smoke killed both Bear and Gripper, who had been in the basement.
And Lexi?
"I'm screaming for her," Hershey recalled, of dashing into the house in a panic. Then through the smoke he saw the white tip of a tail coming down a stairway, and knew Lexi, who had been kept upstairs, was OK.
"If something had happened to her," he said, gratefully, "I don't know how I'd be right now."
While his house was being repaired, Hershey moved in with his mother-in-law, plus did something else that he hadn't normally done before.
He bought some lottery tickets.
"I knew my luck had to change," he said.

Picture-perfect pooch

He also began accessing the Hoosier Lottery's website to check the fate of his numbers, and was doing so when he learned of a new game coming in December called Lucky Dog. What's more, lottery officials were looking for photogenic dogs whose portraits would grace the tickets.
"Why not?" thought Hershey, who was one of 7,000 Hoosiers to submit dog photos.
As for Lexi, she was one of just 20 dogs chosen to be pictured.
Discussing it, Hershey laughs about the gift basket of dog toys that arrived, by way of congratulations, from the Hoosier Lottery. Mostly, though, he revels in the dog that was asleep at his feet on this chilly November evening, in a dark and quiet house shared by the two of them.
"We really rely on each other now," Hershey said, thoughtfully, of his best friend. "She is my comfort, and I'm her comfort, now that everybody's gone."