Monday, November 29, 2010

The Day Became More Of An Adventure Then Planned........

Hello friends! I started my day out with the plan to run a few errands with Dad then off to the Humane Society to drop of your donation. We got the errands ran but the Humane Society office was closed when we got there. We are going tomorrow to the new building cause I know there will be people there getting it ready. Anyway, since that didn't work out, I begged to go to the park. So we did................

Now we all have heard of the birth of Jesus in the manger. And I'm sure that all of you know that at the manger there were cows, sheep, donkeys and even camels. But I bet you didn't know there was also...........
an Aussie!

Finally it was time to go home after being gone a couple of hours. I needed a nap! Well, we pull up to the house and when I get out what do I see? The neighbors pup is at our house! At first he was afraid of me and stayed real close to Dad. I don't know his name so I just call him Casper. Dad says he looks like a Husky and he has a blue right eye like me.  But once I started running around and acting silly, well you will see.............

And being the good role model I am, I started teaching him things he needed to know................

Well I am going to go take my nap now..............finally!
Before I go, you need to go see my friend Silk Pup and watch the funniest puppy video ever! 


  1. Well you had an interesting day there!!

    (The red on green is kinda hard to read.)

  2. What a great day! Casper is a cutie!

  3. Hey, we're in central Indiana too!
    We don't have any life size Nativity scenes around here though.
    And what a cute puppy! Looks like you guys had fun!

  4. That sounds like a really fun day! Glad you got to teach Casper some good dog stuff.

  5. I'm sure there was a dog in the manger! I mean, who rounded all those other animals up? Surely an Aussie?

  6. Looks like Noah has the holiday spirit! That puppy sure is cute.

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Casper is such a cute friend!! I LOVE puppies! So of course I loved the Silk video! I even joined in barking at the computer!!

  8. My mom knows that area fairly well! She grew up in Marion.
    We currently live in a suburb just NE of Indy.

  9. Glad you got to go to the park when things didn't go as planned. It totally looks like you belong in that manger scene! Your neighbor's puppy is cute - you were awesome to start teaching him some good manners!

  10. Tee hee! I really think they needed you to make that manger scene complete! That puppy is adorable!


  11. LOL I love the picture of you sticking out your tongue!

    At the agility show yesterday, someone had Aussies and their license plate was: Auss ome.

    I didn't know that there was an Aussie in the manger, but I guess it makes sense; someone had to keep all the animals under control. When Layla was a puppy, I took her to meet Santa Claus and he told her that he really has a team of Malamutes pulling his sleigh, not reindeer. I think that was one of her happiest moments.

  12. You look so beautiful in the manger! Surprises come when things are unplanned! It was a good surprise and Casper is cute.

    We love Silk pup too! She's a cutie pie and a beauty!

  13. What a great outing you had! Glad you taught the young pup the tongue sticker outer thing. Essential talent to have :)

    Waggin at ya,

  14. Casper is adorable. Good on you for teaching him the laws of the land. And thanks for sharing your busy day. It seems like there is always a lot going on in Noah-land. :-)

  15. Noah is looking great. And very cute too! Diana

  16. What a fun day! Noah, your hair on your hip is really starting to grow back in. Just in time for Winter! Casper is ALMOST as cute as you are.

    Elyse and Riley

  17. What a great time you had Noah and we's love yous pho-toes.. too cute!

    IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man