Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Veterans Day Salute..........

I would like to salute all veterans on this day for your service and sacrifice, especially my family......

JP (1990) with matching uniform to Dad's

Abselom - Revolutionary War
Cousins Levi and Simon - Virginia Calvary C.S.A
Uncle Clearence - Army WWII
Uncle Robert - Army WWII (KIA)
Grandpa James - Army WWII
Jim - Army Vietnam (KIA)
Uncle Bobby - Army Vietnam
Uncle Tom - Air Force
Cousin Todd - Army 1st Gulf War
Uncle Kelley - Army
Brother Michael - Army  Bosnia/Afghanistan (Active)
Brother JP - National Guard/R.O.T.C
and of course...........
My dad - Army (1984-1995) 82d Airborne Division

We can not say thank you enough!


  1. Beautiful tribute! Happy Veteran's Day and a big thank you to your dad and all the others! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  2. Wonderful tribute to your dad and to all of the other's who fought for our freedom!
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  3. Happy Veteran's Day! Your tribute is so thoughtful...and we would like to extend our THANKS to all veterans. Prayers are out for a safe tour/return to those that are currently serving. -- Patti, Brutus & Tytus

  4. Awesome post. A heartfelt thank you to all of them. And let's not forget their families - they serve too, in a different way but still so important!

    Emma Rose

  5. Beautiful tribute! You've had so many servicemen in your family. We're grateful to them and to all veterans.

  6. Emma Rose - Very good point, we do need to thank the families too. Thank you

  7. That picture is so cute! We agree, we are very thankful to all of our veterans today!


  8. A beautiful tribute to your dad and your family members.

    Happy Veteran's Day!!!

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    Licks from me Olive!