Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good News.............Bad News

Good News......We are back! Our computer decided it was time to die and it did.

Bad News........Our baby Noah has a problem. Over the last few days we noticed that his walk was different. We dicovered that his left hip was pronounced and after a trip to the vet today we were told that his hip is dislocated. Problem is that the area where the ball rest is very shallow, not allowing it to stay in place. So surgery is required and will eventually be needed on the right side as well. So no agility, no frisbees and no jumping. He is tough and still acts normal, despite the discomfort and pain. Dad has taken this a little hard. He says that his boy is only 5 months old and it's unfair to Noah to be restricted his whole life. But, you still can't seperate them!

Well, we will get back to posting on your posts in a couple days after we get the preperations for Noah's surgery set. Noah says that nothing will keep him or his spirits down, thanks to all his friends.


  1. Oh, poor Noah! I hope that everything goes okay with surgery.

  2. Oh Noah! I will be praying for you!!!


  3. Poor Noah!!!!! All of our pack is saying prayers <3 Remember to notice the positives.... like that recovering from surgery means LOTS of snuggling time!

  4. Oh no!! Little young Noah, we will be praying for you to get lots better and very soon. Sending lots of love and healing vibes your way. Love, Holly and mom

  5. Oh no!! Does this mean no frisbee forever?! I just hope he gets to feeling better soon. What great parents he has, to take care of him and cuddle him while he's going through this business. :( No fun.

  6. Oh no! Poor Noah, and poor Mom and Dad :(
    We will be praying for all of you.


    Emma Rose and the Duchess

  7. So Sorry to hear that guys. We will keep our paws crossed for Noah.

    haylie got diagnosed with stage 4 hip displasia in her left hip and sate 3 in her right and soon as she looses a little more weight she will be doing the FHO surgery so I feel your pain and hang in there guys!

    Fred and Hay

  8. Dear Noah, our paws are crossed and prayers are always with you! Good luck for the surgery!!! Please keep us updated...

  9. All of us down here in Noah's hometown are thinking of Noah and keeping him in our thoughts and prayers. Good luck with the surgery.

  10. So sorry about Noah. They dont think that with the amount of growing he has left to do that it could correct itself? Diana